New Age Beverages Corporation has released a line of CBD-infused beverage drinks. This line of CBD drinks was created in collaboration with Marley Natural, the cannabis brand of legendary Reggae singer Bob Marley.

The first CBD-infused drink to be released in the Marley+CBD line is Mellow Mood. This drink will be marketed as a tea to bring about relaxation. Mellow Mood contains healthy ingredients such as lemon, raspberry, peach raspberry and, and herbal honey. This drink comes in a 15.5-ounce package and contains 25mg of pharmaceutical grade CBD with every serving.

New Age Beverages, which is based in Colorado and Utah, creates healthy drinks. This company plans to be the leading organic and natural beverage maker in the world. The CEO of New Age Beverages, Brent Willis, voiced the company’s excitement to release the new CBD infused drink line.

According to Mr. Brent, a former Coco-Cola executive, CBD presents one of the biggest business opportunities in the consumer goods industry to come around in years.

The Bob Marley CBD-infused beverage line was first introduced at the Winter Fancy Show on January 13th. Following the introduction, New Age started accepting orders, which it plans to deliver on a first-come, first serve basis to selected states. Customers in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Michigan will be the first to try Mellow Mood. These four states were chosen because they have legalized cannabis.

New Age will reportedly be working with, which is considered one of the top-most information resources on the Internet. The partnership with is for marketing and advertising purpose.

“It makes my job a lot easier when I have retainer and distributors reaching out to me asking for specific products. From the moment the CBD movement began, I’ve been receiving calls nonstop asking when we’d be going to market with a Marley+CBD product,” Michael Cunningham, the Senior Vice President of Sales for New Age said.

” Retailers and distributors realize that it will be a long road for smaller CBD brands to gain traction and brand equity. Under the Marley brand platform, we are able to leverage a massive global brand with ties to healthy cannabis use, to ultimately grow a beverage brand beyond anything we have seen to date.” Michael added.

New Age is arguably one of the biggest beverage companies to take advantage of the emerging CBD industry. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the fastest growing industries in the US, and New Age plans to dominate the market. The number of products hitting the market made from CBD is on the increase.

New Age has grown rapidly in two years and is currently ranked as the 40th largest non-alcoholic beverage company in the US. New Age is also one of the largest fastest-growing industries in the world. This company’s stock recently rose from $50 million to over $400 million. This company, which focuses on producing healthy non-alcoholic drinks, has its products in all 50 US states. Currently, this company has over seven products which are available in 60 countries.

New Age said its policy of creating only healthy drinks is in line with the Bob Marley legacy of peace and love. Marley Natural was developed in 2016 by the Marley estates. Natural Marley grows the marijuana it uses in the production of all its CBD products.